About promotions and Specials

Goodman Fielder Route and Foodservice runs a series of promotions throughout the year. If your business has been included in a promotion, the promotion will be visible in the Specials Catalogue. It may also appear on the homepage of the Goodman Fielder Shop. Promotions on the homepage have additional information on a landing page, simply click the banner to go to the landing page. Start shopping and add items to your cart. Discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

Homepage Promotion Banners

Promotion Landing Page

  1. Click the Back button to return to the Home Screen, or click Start Shopping to go directly to the Date Selection Screen.

Specials Catalogue Button 

If you have been included in any special pricing or free sample offers these can viewed by visiting he Specials section of the Catalogue. Some special offers may limit the quantity that can be selected to add to the cart.

To view Specials:

Click the red “View Specials” button at the top right of the Catalogue screen.


Specials Catalogue

From the results presented, add the item(s) to your cart as desired.

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