Our Customer Value Proposition

Early last year we sent out a survey to almost 2,000 RFS customers with the intention of gathering feedback about their existing and future relationship with Goodman Fielder. And in particular, with Goodman Fielder RFS. The results were tested and validated in the community, resulting in the new CVP – customer value proposition, as well as informing the strategy and communications for our digital and social channels.

While the developing the new CVP, we needed to be mindful of the broader corporate vison of Making Everyday Food Better for Everyone. Our research clearly highlighted the importance of business growth amongst our respondents: 91% said growing their business was either extremely or very important to them, and they look to their business partners, such as Goodman Fielder, for advice and guidance. And so, we landed on – Growing Better Together. Because we know it’s tough in hospitality at the moment. It’s more important to stick together, knowing you have people you can rely on. We’ve learnt a thing or two from delivering to 10,000 NZ businesses over the last 36 years. It’s given us the experience, the ability and the desire to grow alongside our customers – to being a better partner, creating better products, providing better ideas and create a better community.  These are the four pillars that make up our customer value proposition of Growing Better Together.

Growing Better Together

The four pillars that make up our customer value proposition
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A Better Partner

Applying Goodman Fielder’s key strengths to exceed customer wants & needs, hence, giving our customers the reassurance of being with the best food supplier.

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Better Products

Investing in our brands, products and services to ensure customers are aware and understand the upcoming opportunities.

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Better Ideas

Provide value above and beyond our core food offering to truly ‘deliver better business.

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Better Communities

To engage and grow our community, customers and stakeholders by enabling and supporting them.

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