About the Online Shop

We think you will love our online shop, here's why.

Access to exclusive deals and promotions that are only available online 

Place orders when it suits you

Change orders at your own convenience

View, download and print documents: delivery dockets, invoices, statements 

Best of all it's easy to use! 

Take Control and Place your Own Orders

We have developed our online ordering platform to make it easier for you, our customers, to do business with us. It's super easy to use -  we have designed it directly off the back of your feedback.

Ordering online has many benefits, the main one being you can place or modify an order at your own convenience - no more waiting in call centre queues. And if a customer comes into your business, you can simply put your order to the side, serve them and then return to the order in your own time. 

How do I Access the Online Shop? 

There is certain criteria that needs to be met to order online. At this stage we can't make the online shop available to all customers. If you are eligible, you should have received an email to activate your account. If you have not received this email or are unsure if you qualify please call our customer service team on 0800 482 783 or talk to your sales contact.

To login to your account on the online shop visit www.goodmanfieldershop.co.nz.

If you can't remember your login details, simply click on the forgot password link. 


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