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How Can Practical Car Customisation Help Your Business

Although the customisation of cars began as early as the 1940s, it has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Originally, the purpose of car customisation was to modify the vehicle in a luxurious and fashionable way in order to create a style statement. Custom cars were primarily owned by famous and wealthy people who wanted their cars to differentiate them from others.

In the 70's and 80's car modification was primarily done to upgrade its specifications which led to the popularity of hot rods and street rods. The first ever hot rods (pre-World War II) were modified vehicles that incorporated a stronger engine as well as other engine alterations which led to improved performance.

Today car customisation is not just about styling your car’s outer or inner appearance to make it look trendy. Several working people own heavy duty trucks, vans and utes for business purposes and require practical customisation to make their business operations more efficient and profitable. People are often in a dilemma as to whether they should buy a new vehicle or add certain features to their current to make it more useful for their specific purpose.

The customisation of vehicles for business reasons is gaining popularity in a big way. Here are some examples of how you can keep your existing vehicle but improve it's functionality by adding accessories and other features to it.

Drawers and storage systems


It is common for vehicles to have very limited load-carrying or storage options. In fact, usually just limited to the trunk and glove box. Even though modern cars come with a greater number of compartments and holders, space still may not be sufficient to carry the equipment for your business around.

If you require more space and better organisation in your van, truck or ute, you can consider getting drawers, shelves, consoles and other kinds of complete  storage systems installed. A ute tool box is a popular choice among trades people New Zealand. You can also opt for under-seat storage cases.

These huge van and ute storage cases are ideal for contractors, sportsmen and other people who need to carry a lot of tools, supplies etc. Such storage boxes are customised for different work applications and are made with heavy-duty polyethylene. You can also get drawers and storage systems to match your car interior.

Other practical modifications


Another practical modification to your car could be the addition of a roller table that offers a roll-out bench to store heavy items as well as bulky equipment, such generators, toolboxes etc. You will be able to keep a load of nearly 200kg on the standard roll-out table. However, there are different models which are custom made for specific purposes.

A ute canopy made of fiberglass is specially designed for commercial use and comes with the choice of lift-up side doors or glass panel which rests on the frame, also made of fiberglass, for additional strength. Canopies made from ABS offer toughness, rigidity, and strength. They are also extremely heat resistant and fully recyclable.

In New Zealand you will find an unlimited number of car accessories available in the market as well as online. But very often, such accessories turn out to be more cosmetic rather than functional. With the above mentioned examples of practical car installations, you will be able to improve business operations and also save money which would otherwise be invested in a new vehicle, bought specially for business purposes.

If you operate a van or ute or truck consider car modifications by Camco Industries. Their New Zealand ute accessories and custom fit outs not only look good but they will also make it easier for you to operate your business. Visit them online at www.camcoindustries.co.nz for a free quote on your next vehicle fit out.

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